Fraud Alert: Voice Mail and Text Message Scam (8/30/2013)

Dear Valued Customer:

Bank of Clarendon has been alerted about a current fraud scam directed at our account holders with Visa Checkcards. Calls and text messages are being sent to current customers advising them that account information has been compromised and to call to update personal information and Checkcard numbers.

These messages were not sent by Bank of Clarendon. Like all reputable financial institutions, Bank of Clarendon will never contact you by email, phone message or text and ask you to provide confidential information. Do not respond to unsolicited emails, voice mails, or text messages that ask for any account information or other private information. If you receive a call or text message that appears to be from Bank of Clarendon and asks you for personal financial data, please contact a Customer Service Representative to report the incident. Be prepared to forward a copy of the voice message or text message to us if requested to do so.

To further protect our customers from identity theft, we do have a program that helps detect fraudulent activity on debit card transactions. If we detect suspicious activity on your debit card account, we will call you to verify expenditures made by your debit card. We will not ask for your personal information, but we will validate the transaction or purchase in question to insure that your debit card number has not been compromised or stolen.

Thank you for your assistance in protecting your financial data. If you have any questions, please contact the bank at 803-433-4451.

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