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Debit card fraud is at an all-time high and we believe this fraud originates through signature based transactions.  Therefore, in an effort to limit your exposure to criminal activity, we have made a change to our debit cards.  All debit card transactions outside of South Carolina will require a Personal Identification Number (PIN) code. This new process will provide extra protection against fraud while maintaining the convenience of using your debit card while you travel.  If you are not accustomed to using a PIN code or need to reset your code, please contact one of our friendly customer service representatives at a banking office near you.

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Our Certificates of Deposit allow you the choice of how to save your hard-earned dollars with a selective array of maturity dates and rates.

Features include:

  • Regular Certificates of Deposit with maturities ranging from 30 days to 3 years.
  • Jumbo CDs (investments of $100,000 or more) with maturities between 30 days and 3 years.


We offer a variety of Individual Retirement Accounts to best suit your needs.  Both fixed and variable IRA rates are available, enabling you to lock in your rate or float with the market.

Features include:

  • Traditional IRAs, ROTH IRAs and EDUCATION IRA.
  • IRAs with 182 days, 12 month, 18 month, 24 month, and 36 month maturities.

We offer special IRA rates at different times of the year.  Stop by or call 1-803-433-4451 to inquire about IRA promotions.