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Debit card fraud is at an all-time high and we believe this fraud originates through signature based transactions.  Therefore, in an effort to limit your exposure to criminal activity, we have made a change to our debit cards.  All debit card transactions outside of South Carolina will require a Personal Identification Number (PIN) code. This new process will provide extra protection against fraud while maintaining the convenience of using your debit card while you travel.  If you are not accustomed to using a PIN code or need to reset your code, please contact one of our friendly customer service representatives at a banking office near you.

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Small Business Checking

  • $100 minimum balance to open
  • Avoid a $7.00 monthly maintenance fee with:
    • No more than 200 transactions
    • 200 transactions - combination of 75 debits, 25 credits and 100 deposited items per statement cycle
    • $0.25 fee for each transaction over limit in each category

Commercial Checking

Earnings credit is based on a factor set by the Bank of Clarendon. Credit takes average account balance, subtracts the average float and the required reserve of 12% to calculate the average investable funds. Multiply investable funds by the current 91-day Treasury Bill rate to obtain earnings credit.

Checking charges (additional charges may apply):

  • $100 minimum balance to open
  • $10.00 monthly maintenance fee
  • $0.15 per check charge
  • $0.05 per item deposited charge
  • $0.25 per deposit charge 

Business Advantage

  • Available to all commercial customers
  • Allows customers to receive statements on CD-Rom
  • $25.00 monthly CD-Rom fee
  • $50.00 bi-monthly CD-Rom fee
  • $5.00 for each additional CD-Rom
  • $75.00 yearly CD-Rom fee